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At Six Feet Under clothing we supply quality products that will freshen up your wardrobe and help keep your style crisp. Our looks are inspired by classical design but combined with modern twists our aesthetic is unique yet stylish. This makes our clothing ideal for both casual and more formal outfits. We are based in Co. Kerry Ireland and we are proud of our heritage and culture which often comes across in our creations.
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Six Feet Under. By design it is a sinister, dark name. The message and vision behind this brand however is much contrary to these descriptions. In short, I intended this brand to be a symbol of confidence and preach positive thinking through its work. The name stems from the idea of destroying insecurities and inhibitions for good (Something close to my own heart). Not just covering, but burying them, Six Feet Under. This is the passion that drives this project. To strive for a better mindset and push boundaries that you have built for yourself. While this is the message I hope to spread from this brand, it will never become a selling point.

When other brands and people push self-help to the extreme, it becomes a vicious cycle of fake motivation and bogus confidence that keeps a person hooked on consuming more and more. This in turn is extremely toxic to one’s mental health. Six Feet Under should be a subtle way that people can identify and acknowledge others supporting the process, not a vicious charlatan ramming positivity down people’s throats. Here is to throwing doubts and negativity Six Feet Under, so we can all keep ourselves above ground.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”

– Yves Saint Laurent

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